Angela Hall

About Me:

I was born in SA, and grew up right here in Renmark. I went to the local schools and spend much of my younger adult years working with children in various settings. I ventured off to Queensland, and it was there I married my long time partner, and we had our two children. Now my husband and I have brought our family back home, because you really can’t beat the country, and especially the Riverland lifestyle for raising children.

I have completed the science based Diploma of Nutrition, AKA the first year of the Bachelor of Nutrition at Torrens University. I absolutely love learning the science behind the body systems and can’t wait to complete the bachelor. I am thrilled to have been the recipient of a scholarship and grateful for the opportunity to be able to continue my studies.

I am also qualified as a Personal Trainer through the Fitness Institute. Fitness has given me so many personal benefits, I can’t speak highly enough of pushing yourself to get off the couch and challenge yourself. The rewards are just amazing, exhilarating and empowering.

A Few of My Favourite Things:

My Husband and two children are definitely the sparkle in my life. They remind me what is important and fill our house with laughter. Life’s greatest gift!
We just love our pups. You can’t be sad with a house full of pugs (and the rest). Puppy therapy at its best.
Ahh coffee. I think by now I must be about 60% coffee. But its not just the caffeine and that warmth, it is the good friends that join you when you call out the word “COFFEE!!”

My Passions

Health has become something that I am a passionate advocate for. There is a circle of wellness which incorporates feeling better, healthier and stronger and with it, healthy self esteem and empowerment.
Science is the key to nutrition. I love learning the physiology and chemistry of life and using it for optimal health.
Physical activity goes hand in hand with good health. We need both fitness and nutrition to really be at our best, and feeling our best!
The power and strength you find in women is phenomenal. Sometimes we just need to realise it is there and then watch her soar!

A pup and a coffee. Perfect!

Please join me on my journey, currently, (and always), in progress (as life should be). I am presently qualified as a Nutritional Advisor & Personal Trainer which means, using nutritional science, I am able to make evaluations regarding dietary needs of individuals, address health concerns and weight loss, incorporate fitness and developmental needs, and create progress plans and goals for personal challenges.

My continued study means the (not too distant) future bring with it more services and exciting new adventures. In the meantime, please enjoy the journey with me as I present what I have learned, incorporating my passion for good health and wellness and finding your appetite for life. Please visit the services page for more information of what is on offer, or check out the blog for updates and articles of interest. Feed back is most welcome.

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The longest journey starts with the first step.