Corona Changes Everything

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Hi all,

If you follow me on social media you are probably familiar with some of my sentiments about riding this roller coaster of life, and letting go of those things you can’t control in order to stress less, and such. Well, now that we have COVID-19 our whole lives have turned upside down one way or another, and now we have to cope with the changes we are facing. And change is hard.

What happened to my life?

There is absolutely nothing we can do about COVID -19! That’s a fact. Unless you are one of those amazing scientists or doctors or someone with political power, you are just as out of control as me (and even they aren’t sure). For me, and I’m one of the more fortunate people who were mostly working/studying from home anyway, but I still have to re-evaluate all my carefully laid plans. Ouch!

The future looks something like this, and that’s all we really know… Unless you are essential, you are working from home if you can. And, your kids are staying home too, if you are a parent. When school goes back you are home schooling, with school back up (thank goodness). For me and probably a great deal of other people, this has you counting the hours of the day on your fingers (and toes) and wondering how on earth you can possibly do it!? And worrying. How can I teach my child? Will they fall behind if I can’t dedicate the time they need? Will I fall behind if I can’t balance my life effectively? Not to mention peoples financial stresses right now. That must be devastating for many. And of course isolation is lonely.

Its enough to make you foetal position. And you know what, if you need to take a moment to feel, just do it. being strong doesn’t mean denying your feelings. And if you have kids, Iv’e always thought it is good to be realistic about adults feelings. They need to know that it isn’t lack of emotions that makes you adult, its how you use them. So talk about it. Feel it. And then be active about doing something about it.

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An effective way to help beat feelings that bring you down is to remain active in your pursuits. Even if you are not sure what to do, just do something and allow it all to just come. And that’s the thing about motivation too. It doesn’t just come out of the blue, it arrives with action. The action comes first, then the motivation and the good feelings sprout. It won’t solve the world problems, but it will help you feel like yourself again, and maybe, just maybe the solutions will follow.

Even the most mundane, every day tasks can help you fight your way back to a more focused productive mindset. So just start.

Wishing you all good health,

Don’t forget to prioritise good foods and exercise ❤ Thanks for reading.

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  1. kelly mcdonald says:

    Yup. Keep swimming.

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    1. Angie Hall says:

      Definitely! 🐠


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