5 Tips on Unpacked Lunches

Feeding kids can be challenging (believe me, I know!). So now that school is essentially out ,and for how long we don’t even know for sure, they can easily fall into the “whatever’s” routine (or lack of) if left to their own devices.

So to help keep the kids (of all ages) on the right track here are some tips.

My favourite is to prepare ahead of time. Let’s face it, if you are still busy juggling work, study, or even entertaining the kids, stopping by the kitchen several times a day to prepare snacks and meals is time consuming and not always ideal. So even if you can only find half an hour in the morning or evening, chopping up some veggies or making a bento box or two for the day will help out a whole lot.

If on the other hand isolation has given you more time than you can handle, then get the kids in the kitchen. There is so much to learn and it’s fun. Try new foods. And don’t forget that teaching them about cleaning up after is an important skill for life. As is washing hands before touching food and eating.

So stay healthy, and if you have any fun activities with food, or meal prep for your kids, ideas and suggestions I would love to hear them and so would many other parents. ❤️🍡🥟


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