Reasons to Keep Going

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. It might be illness or injury, something unforeseen. Or it might be something that seeps in slowly like tiredness, loss of motivation or feeling overwhelmed. Maybe life has changed and you find yourself procrastinating. Whatever the negative influence, right now, in this moment is the most important time to keep moving.

Take the time to rest and evaluate if you need to, but don’t unpack.

Regardless of your situation it doesn’t hurt to look at the factors in play. If you are laid-up due to injury or illness, then absolutely make sure you are doing everything you can to get healthy again. Look at your diet and do whatever physical activity that you CAN do. Idleness makes injury worse in the long term. Health suffers and you are essentially creating the perfect environment for a downward spiral of suffering and feeling miserable. Always get advice from your doctor or specialist to find out what is safe for your personal situation.

Mental health issues can make people want to shut out the world around them sometimes, and that is something that takes a great deal of effort to overcome. Small steps everyday to push through those feelings can make a world of difference. Keep on moving. Put your earbuds in and crank up the tunes if you want, but keep moving your body. The health benefits will help improve well being and allow an outlet for stress and anxiety. Nourish yourself with good food and create an environment that encourages good health, good feelings and peace.

The blahs. Can’t-be-bothered-itis. It happens to everyone. Take stock, why are you feeling lazy? Do you need a break from over working? Do you need a change of scene? Redirection? A challenge? Mental boredom is just as draining as physical idleness. They both need stimulating to keep you motivated and operating at full function. Turn off the netflix and go for a walk, think about your health for a minute because its that first step that is the hardest. I know it is comfortable but that couch is not going to make you feel any better in the long run.

The Downward Spiral

You probably know someone who has become injured, or even retired from their long term job only to become a bit of a hermit who doesn’t look after themselves anymore. They probably don’t walk much, don’t leave the house often, don’t eat healthy foods and seem to have just given up. This downward spiral can be easy to slip into and hard to get out of. When you stop moving and stop striving for something (anything really, a motivating factor) your condition deteriorates. It might be that back, or those knees for example, they get less muscle support because those muscles aren’t being used. Body weight might start to increase which further strains injuries and joints. Poor diet further promotes poor health and condition. So your poor neighbour, friend or relative can end up feeling quite unhealthy and this leads often to depression, isolation and anxiety.

The Upwards Spiral

The upward spiral is the most challenging at the start, as opposed to the downward spiral which gets progressively worse. Because as you get stronger, healthier and more inspired, motivated and yes, happy, it gets easier to face challenges and let go of what is holding you back. And yes, there will always be hurdles to jump and mountains to climb, but you realise that you are pretty capable at handling what life throws at you. I say this word a lot but empowerment feels amazing and anyone can wear it, it looks great on, and it suits everyone! Empowerment is the new black! (you won’t find that on Netflix).

So, what are you doing today? How are you choosing to keep moving onward and upward?

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