It is Done!

Today is officially my first of three ‘last-exams-for-the-year-are-done’ days!! I am so relieved! I’d happy dance if I wasn’t so brain tired from having literally just signed out of my exam. But oh it is a good feeling.

I plan to take a moment or two to just let that accomplishment sink in (yes, just a moment). It is the official end of the 1st year of the Bachelor (of nutrition, not the single guys looking for love). I am finished with my Diploma (YAY!!). So now what? Well, I have a long list, which is why I’m only taking a moment to enjoy it. I have my PT course to finish. And then, the rest of the Bachelor which I am excited to have been offered a scholarship for (and gratefully accepting).

I am also full steam ahead organising Riverland Nutrition & Wellness. I have my computer programs set up, documents in order (nearly) and all the fun things you have to think about when running a business. I am excited and can’t wait to get started officially. Unofficially, I am still available pre-launch and happy to help.

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So as I bid goodbye to the anatomy & physiology, to the biochemistry and the human nutrition, for now at least. I will still be very busy soldiering on through my “to do” list. I don’t know what I would do without it though, I love the mental stimulation. Excitedly looking at the future. Signing off on this year (nearly) and keeping those goals in sight.

I am easy to find on facebook and Instagram, head over and say hi! @RNWWarrior

Also, keep an eye open for upcoming pre-launch services 😉

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get my joggers on for PT xxx

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