It is almost the end of the year. Almost the end of the study trimester. Almost that satisfying end of the first stage goals. It is such a great feeling to accomplish goals, and make progress on others.

I believe that life is supposed to be a constant evolution and that it is that process of ongoing growth and achievement (no matter how small), that gives us the drive that promotes mental wellness, whilst warding off feelings of being stagnant and stuck.

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Sometimes we need to just stop and take stock of where we are, what we have achieved and where we want to go from here.

For me, I am just at the start of my ‘big plans’ and seeing them start to come into fruition is delightful. I am excited to have been offered a scholarship for my studies. That bit of encouragement has helped push me through that ‘end of year’ feeling where you just feel like you need a break because ‘ugh’. And I do need a break. Everyone does, because making sacrifices to plow through the challenges of getting through the ‘molasses’ part of your goals is hard, and can be draining. So yes, a pre-celebration is in order. Time with family. Time to relax. Time to maybe go somewhere and just enjoy a little grounding. Dip the toes in the water if you will.

To everyone who is coming along on this journey with me at these early stages, thank you! I appreciate your support. I feel gratitude everyday, knowing that having people on your team makes so much difference to how the whole journey along the way can unravel for you.

Riverland Nutrition & Wellness is in the throes of it’s first countdown, stage one launch (click here). Stage one is the commencement of initial nutrition services (coinciding with initial qualifications, Diploma AKA year 1 Bachelor) and will be followed by stage 2 upon the completion of my PT qualifications, thus allowing me to incorporate a lot more fitness and health services. Stage 3 is still some time away and will be the biggest celebration ever as I complete the full bachelor of nutrition. Needless to say, I have much to do.

If you look at the big picture sometimes it makes you want to crawl under a rock and hide. Instead break down your goals into smaller steps. And make sure you celebrate each one as they are achieved.

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I’d like to send a big special thanks to the team at Priceline Pharmacy Renmark for being my guinea pigs, and putting up with me when I tell them things about their diets that they probably don’t really want to hear. You guys are the best!

I hope you will all be joining me for the Stage 1 Launch early next year, there will be some give-away’s, and discounts to win, and a whole lot of promotions.

As for now, I must get back into my last couple of assessments for this year. Thanks for reading. Please always feel free to comment on the posts, I’d love to hear about your journeys and dreams (we shall call goals).

Follow your dreams,


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