Taking the Plunge

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Being motivated can be challenging, and it isn’t always there for anyone all of the time. Being dedicated is probably even more important when it comes to following through on goals. But how do you give yourself that initial push to get started in the first place?

It comes down to one simple thing:

How bad do you want it?

One of the things I have learned, and I’ve seen it most often working in the health industry, is many people really need to want something bad enough before they are prepared to do something about it. Some people will talk a lot about how they would like to be fit, lose weight, be healthy, etc… (whatever the goal), and yet it often remains talk.

Why does that happen?

Why do we talk and not act?

This can often result in waiting too long, and then our health really starts to suffer and instead of our initial goals (or dreams) we end up needing to motivate ourselves to manage whatever conditions we are suffering from.

So what stops us?

The dream is free

The hustle is sold separately.

– Anon

Your body is more than capable of taking on challenges. Really! It is an amazingly adaptable machine. In fact, it is just waiting for you to give it a go. It has everything ready and primed for you to start moving it. If getting fit is the goal… the first step is just turning your words into actions. Once your body realises that moving is a regular occurrence, and that happens quickly, it starts to adapt to this wonderful change. It’s almost like it is excited to be challenged! So it stands to reason then that it isn’t your body stopping you…

Photo by Katii Bishop on Pexels.com

Getting your head in the moment:

There are probably many reasons why people ignore their goals, dreams, and even health needs. And most probably stem from not prioritising ourselves. Some of those reasons may be:

  • Lacking self esteem
  • Feeling overwhelmed by obligations
  • Perceived lack of time
  • Fear (of failure, ridicule or judgment, etc).
  • Embarrassment

When it comes to the above mentioned (or similar) issues it might be worth looking at yourself in a different light.

Firstly, as a healthy, happy person you are better equipped to function in whatever role/s you have in life, be it parenthood or corporate management. Yes, your kids absolutely want and need you to be happy and healthy. You are their role model, they may not listen to your words, but they see everything you do. If you can’t push yourself for you, kids can be a great motivator if you just change your perspective from “I don’t have time because I am a parent” to “My kids need me to be healthy for them. So I can be around for them, to teach them how to be healthy, and to keep up with them.”

Secondly, you are worth it. Make an effort to value yourself as a capable, individual who can do anything anyone else can do. Find something to drive you… even if it is initially just to prove to everyone (including yourself) that you can. Not going to lie. That feels kind of great. It comes with a great shift in confidence too, and then you stop caring so much about the judgy-judgers.

If you are just uncomfortable about being sweaty and physically active in public than think outside the box. You don’t need to go running down main street or use the treadmill at the gym. It is perfectly ok to exercise at home. I do it all the time. It’s great. Just get a little advice from an expert about how to start safely.

I am worthy

of the time it takes

to do the things

that heal me.

Only you can give yourself the push you need to accomplish anything. So for another couple of my favourite quotes:

Be stronger than your excuses.

You are too smart

to be the only thing standing in your way.

Make yourself the priority you deserve to be. (Yes you do!).

With gratitude,


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