Wednesday for Workouts

Mid week workouts can be the hardest to find motivation for. But they are often the most satisfying. Leading to stress relief, better sleep and an extra boost to get through the rest of the week.

Stressful week? …

Workout! It boosts energy, enhances sleep, relieves stress, improves circulation and digestion & boosts self confidence.

Not all workouts need to be long and hard going. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a ‘lazy’ workout every now and again. It is always going to be better than none at all, right? Of course it is!

Training is an individual thing and the following example is open for adjustment. Always use weights that suit your fitness level and don’t forget to warm up prior and stretch after. This helps take the edge off any DOS (delayed onset soreness) and prevent injury. Workout to your level, do reps that are going to push you but don’t injure you. And be aware of your form.

This workout is also a ‘reverse pyramid’ with the hardest part first. This means the heavy lifting comes before muscle fatigue and the lighter work follows.

The next workout is one I posted to instagram a little while ago, fondly called the Pirate Workout (you know, because of the booty). You will see (as I post more workouts) that I always incorporate full body exercises but often have a focus area. This is partly due to my impatience, resting muscle groups between sets is important, and I often do that by just taking a mini break and then working a different muscle group. If you prefer to go the full break, please do so! Often up to 180 seconds is suggested, again this depends on your personal situation and goals (longer breaks are good for fat loss). The full body workouts are also because I don’t like to waste an opportunity to work those areas I work hardest on (again individual), but I never do a workout with out some form of abdominal work for example.

Remember you will never regret a workout 🏋️‍♀️ but you just might regret not working out.

Happy workout Wednesday!


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