More Study & New Adventures

Hi all,

Sorry for the lapse in posting lately, Torrens University has certainly been keeping me busy this trimester with exams and assignments all merging into the same time period. Keeping me tied to my desk and out of trouble at any rate.

An exciting update is on the cards though, as I am officially a student member of Fitness Australia and will be squeezing in my PT training between the end of this year and the second trimester of next year. Oh boy!!!

Exciting new adventures await!

What does this mean? Well it means I will be qualified to assist you with fitness training services as well as the nutrition I am throwing myself head first into. I am super excited to be able to do this and can’t wait to officially open up some teams for kids, weekend warriors and those who are looking for a bit of physical training guidance.

Stay tuned. Thanks for your patience and support during this time of development for Riverland Nutrition & Wellness and I hope to see you soon… maybe as one of the first RNW Warriors! 💪🏻♥️😁

Chat soon,