Lazy Sunday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads! It is a gorgeous day here in the Riverland. Feels like winter is already shrugging off its layers ready for spring. Maybe you have plans with Dad, or you are Dad and have happily made zero plans. Whatever the case the change in weather may have you feeling like doing very little and just enjoying the sun. Go for it, I say. However if the laziness is a bit more than you were hoping for try these tips for a little boost this Sunday.

Go for a walk, play a game, gardening… – Getting the body moving will stimulate the body to produce more energy. Why not challenge the kids to a game of cricket or take the dog for a walk along the river front.

Stay hydrated – A refreshing green tea or lemon water is lovely, however plain old water does the job perfectly. Water helps metabolism and energy production, if you are low on water you may feel like you run a little sluggishly.

Music – Pump some up lifting tunes. Works a treat. And it IS Dad’s day so play whatever you want to play, Dad.

Enjoy a delicious meal – But watch out for anything too heavy or full of sugar. This will have the opposite effect. Stick to something with protein and a mix of vegetables and whole grains. I love a good chicken salad and crusty bread for a easy and satisfying lunch.

Catch up with friends or family – Why not combine a few of the above for the afternoon, a good meal with friends out in the sun. Download and uplift all at once.

Rest – You deserve it. It is Sunday. If you just need a catch up and don’t often get the opportunity there is no time like the present.

Enjoy the weekend, thanks for reading.


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