The Link Between Depression & Nutrition

Data shows that those who suffer from depression, anxiety and similar mental conditions have significantly low intakes of fruits, vegetables and quality meats/proteins. This is no coincidence.

Image: Photo Fox Stock

Faced with the overwhelming evidence of the dietary effects on mental health it is hard not to want to scream from the roof tops “Eat well, please just eat well!”. The rate of suicide has increased in recent years and the quality of our diets (especially in youth) has dropped significantly. Convenience foods are filled with very little nutritional value. Processed foods have high sugar and sodium, and again next to no nutrients. Modernisation, Westernisation, and loss of culture is perhaps to blame.

Its an old saying “You are what you eat.” Penned by a scientist I have been told, and that makes sense. Everything you put into your body is doing its best to serve a purpose for you and basically be part of you. If you could follow the nutrients (and it is fascinating) as they break down, absorb and travel, transform, regroup, become something else, and maybe even several something elses, you will see how amazing your body is. It is a finely tuned computer which would make our modern technology look like a commodore 64. You are amazing!

But here’s the thing. You need you to input the good stuff. Or your system wont work, be it our physical or mental one. Just one nutrient deficiency can make you sick. Just one can affect your mental health. This might seem overwhelming but honest, it isn’t supposed to be hard. Its the most natural thing in the world to look after you. Things that grow are the way to go.

From the farm not the factory. Image: Photo Fox stock

At the end of the day we all want to feel good. Know you are worth the effort. Eating well is a form of self respect and even if right now you don’t feel so great, love yourself enough to know it is your body’s way of saying it needs you to give it a bit of TLC. We aren’t made to exist under a roof eating packaged salt and sugar. Go get yourself some exercise and fresh air and learn to feed your body in a way that will make it thank you.

Image: Photo Fox stock

If you feel you need help with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues please reach out. You are not alone.

Thank you for reading.


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