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Hello all,

This new segment is a general overview of a vitamin (or mineral). The what, where, and how of one nutrient we use everyday. I will put out a new nutrient every so often. If you have any specific questions about any nutrient mentioned please feel free to ask. This is not a self diagnostic tool by any means. If you have any concerns about your diet please seek guidance.

Are you getting your Vitamin B1?

Where to Find B1?

Fortified Breads, Whole-Grains, Yeast Spreads (Vegemite, Promite etc.), Fish & Meat, especially Pork. Cooking and processing lessens the content of B1.

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What Does B1 Do?

B1 plays a vital role in energy production.

Aids in glucose metabolism.

Integral part of DNA synthesis.

Fatty Acid synthesis

Recommended Daily Intake:

Adults – Men: 1.2 mg/day Women – 1.1 mg/day

Deficiency & Who is at Risk?

Those most at risk of B1 deficiency include those with alcohol dependence, people with HIV/AIDS, older adults, diabetics, people who have undergone gastric bypass surgery, and people with heart failure.

Signs & Symptoms

Thiamin deficiency mainly effects the brain and nervous system. (May be linked to Alzheimer’s development). Neuropathy and central nervous system neurological degeneration.

Muscular weakness, apathy, poor short – term memory, confusion, irritability.

Loss of appetite and resulting weight loss.

Potential heart failure.

Deficiency diseases are known as Beri Beri and Wernicke – Korsarkoff Syndrome.

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Medications & Interactions

Some medications such as Furosemide (a diuretic) and some chemotherapy drugs can affect the absorption of B1 and supplements may be beneficial. B1 is not known to interact with any medications.

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