Five Challenges of a Non-Foodie

Now, unless you were raised by a chef, cook or food enthusiast, have a strong food related cultural background or just a born passion for creating dishes, chances are you don’t describe yourself as a ‘foodie’. You know what? That is perfectly ok, but it does bring about some challenges.

1 – The rut.

You know just because you don’t like making the food doesn’t mean you don’t like food right? Right, who doesn’t like eating a well presented meal? No one that’s who. But geez, I tell ya, a non-foodie just wants to provide some kind of edible food thing that is easy and get the hec out of the kitchen. So it is easy to become a bit same-same in the food department. The rut is boring, uninspiring and gets kind of hard to eat.

2 – The foreign food object and what to do with it

That friendly neighbor, you know the one, they are retired and they spend everyday lavishing attention on their vegetable garden which grows across every portion of their yard. Bless them and their good health, they just delivered to you a big box of artichokes. And as you genuinely thank them for their generosity you and the artichokes eye each other knowingly. You have no idea what to do with it, and it knows, that smug artichoke knows.

Thank you lovely neighbour! Not in fact an artichoke.

3 – The kitchen space and the stuff that is in it

Don’t you just love the kitchen, it is the heart of the home. It brings people together a place to celebrate at times. Which is great.

Iv’e cleaned the kitchen. Now if you could all not eat here again that would be great.

Someone who hates cleaning kitchens

On top of the constant need for attention, the kitchen is also a place of appliances. Have you ever revved yourself up to try out a new recipe to discover that despite the ingredients you purchased, you are still lacking three specific appliances or tools required for the job? The book said simple… sigh. I wonder if that neighbour has a thingymabob, a dohalicky or a whatsit?

4 – Recipes

Once you have basted it, set it aside and saute the rest of the ingredients. Chill over night. Then stand for half an hour kneading the dough while stirring the sauce constantly over a slow heat. Stand on one leg and say three hail Mary’s while seasoning with Himalayan pink salt to taste. Flip the whole concoction upside down and call for a pizza delivery.

Nothing hard about that.

5 – Shopping

It says capers… what are capers? Do they come in a can? Are they fresh produce… are they even produce? Does this shop even sell them? Never mind I’m sure the recipe doesn’t need them.

Actually, living regionally it can at times be a bit of a pain to get those odd ingredients, and even more so when you don’t know what you are looking for. Trying a completely new meal can turn into hard work. So lets simplify everything.

Firstly, when it is time for a change, (and it happens to probably all of us from time to time, life is busy) so keep it simple and gradual. If you really are a big non-foody you don’t need to do anything complicated. Try just adding a new ingredient to your usual meals, or adding a new meal, all be it an easy one into the regular menu. Aim for fresh easy to find ingredients and no you don’t need to purchase a thermomix, dehydrator or food processor to cook great, easy meals. Work with what you like. Try a different sauce on your steak, try a new vegetable or 2 in the casserole and don’t worry about all the other stuff. If a recipe calls for a fish you can’t get in your area, just get a different one. Wing it a little.

I believe life is all about finding your passion, and food doesn’t have to be yours. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get back to your important things asap, whatever they are. Food is a necessity though (and the more wholesome the better), so why not enjoy it, just a little. (and get someone else to clean up).

Do you have a weeknight lazy favourite?

Much gratitude as always, Angie.

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