Welcome to Riverland Nutrition & Wellness or RNW.

Angela Hall
Personal Trainer
& women's health cheerleader

RNW is about finding the key to health through nutrition & fitness, as well as looking at the big picture for each individual to promote a balanced life, making wellness a normal component.

RNW is excited to announce that training women is a key specialty area. RNW provides training that supports the unique requirements for each woman. Services such as training to support & work with, rather than against, the menstrual cycle & life stage, & pre & postnatal exercise.

My name is Angela Hall, and I am the face behind RNW. I am a personal trainer and nutritionist (I am studying the science-based bachelor degree in nutrition, having completed the diploma through Torrens University). I have also been absorbing as many courses as possible about women’s health as it relates to fitness training. This has both driven my passion further and highlighted the lack of necessary health services for women and suitable fitness training in general. I am excited to be part of the change in making women’s services and ongoing support a normal part of our community. I am all about working with individuals at their level and within their reality. I am a passionate believer in supporting the sisterhood, and I look forward to growing the team of RNW sisters. The RNW Warriors!

RNW is based in Renmark, South Australia, and I can be found at the Alan Coulter Recreation Centre regularly conducting classes or working with clients and gym members.

To bring women’s health into the conversation & provide a safe & supportive environment to achieve it.

Courage & Growth.


Ang is different – her approach is so down to earth and refreshing and you look forward to what she has to teach each day. She keeps it fresh so you don’t get bored which is something I struggle with. She knows her stuff – highly recommend.


I have been seeing great results after signing up with Angela a few weeks ago. I can not recommend her enough if you are looking for some motivation and that push to get you on the right track.


I definitely recommend. She is truly amazing, genuinely cares about you and what you are going through and it helps that she definitely knows what she is talking about. You won’t be disappointed


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